a darkness of spell slips silently into the shallowest

regions of the mind

though once thought to be undetectable its imagery

became so deformed that it got gutted in the general


what I say is not always heard as being even remotely


yet, what I am constantly confronted by makes the hackles

on my back grow clammy as they appear

and never have I attempted to insult myself by saying

I truly do not know

for true wisdom in personal use does not begin with

phrases like

tell me why this is and where did you go?

obviously quite far away for never again can you bare

witness to further imperfection on my pain

only once imperfection did (and that was years ago)

I tag myself as worthless and insane

can't you see that today's events fulfill the majority

of all future memories

little is left to he who always lives in the past

and to it agrees..............

( written Dec.30,1992 am)

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