its pretty sad when you realize that you've never even once

before attempted to write a poem for(about) your

very own sister

especially after writing ( over the years) so very many

but you must somehow know in your heart of hearts

that not to another living soul even once did I whisper

that for all our treasured sibling secrets and or scrimmages

I would take not even a proffered penny

we miserably failed as children to be close in a time when it

was thought to be a must

but now I feel empowered enough to say that to you my

dear sister/friend you and you alone I do solemnly trust

to me, you represent the youth of our mother's shadow

standing so very proud, erect and tall

yet, when I mentally stand myself next to you

my own person in quiet comparison seems limited and small

and its you, whom I always look to for good, sound

advice as well as a reliable shoulder

so consider these written words gone unsaid too long

as a hug, a kiss and a pat on the back

to a most cherished sister who is now yet again another

year older

( Happy thirty-fifth Tingy I Love you even though you

were strict with me when you used to baby sit me as a


(written Dec.28,1992 pm)

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