staring at this face

that only knows how to stare back

helps me to see beyond my actual self

and over the things that I seem to lack

self confidence being one was never in

abundance around my childhood household

you see, one didn't talk back and you did

as you were told with no questions asked

unless you felt unbelievably bold

now, whenever I'm involved in any family

gatherings upon the celebrated home front

I see I didn't have it so bad as a child

and for very little did I want

why merely name a doll and I probably had her

arguments, strong talking to s and spankings

just seem to run together in a bristling blur

the Depression had long since decades passed

by the time I was conceived

and the senseless death of John Lennon is the

only passing for which I recall that I personally


not some prominent political figure but the

brightest BEATLE that lived

ten years from this physical earth

he has now been gone never to return

so much to my soul he was able to give

surely in this harsh reality there is indeed a

valuable lesson to be learned

life is so very precious

even when one feels unworthy of its glorious gift

like me

we each have individual purpose and we shouldn't

feel snubbed by every little insignificant catastrophe

tomorrow I'll be better and on that you can bet the

entire bank

for the very writing of these words points me in the

right direction as to who for this late insight

I should thank.............

( written Dec. 28,1992 am)

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