something about September

brings me around to a time I like to remember

fresh cut flowers and beautiful budding romance

quiet walks in the local park

horse back riding on an old paint named Chance

necking on the side porch in the dark

the very first time we kissed was at the Labor day

community dance

you laughed at me with your wicked teasing side long


at the time no one else knew except for me and you

that is where what we had so special sadly laid

a private place that we alone created and seemed like that

which was heaven made

now that every one else does (knows)

I can only softly smile when I recall what ( so sweetly)once was..............

(written Dec.26,1992 pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

taken from an old time story of romance a older lady co worker told me about how she and her husband met at some community dance.

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