somebody is weeping

can you not hear their tears

somebody is shaking from all their indescribable

yet unseen fears

while somebody else is wondering why seconds passing

can seem like years

a young school age child cowers in a corner from all

his fellow peers

for he believes every ugly slur he hears

you are an unwanted outsider so you are not welcome

to stay

we don't want you here and we will soon have our way

we'll throw rocks at you if with one of us you try to


and we'll kill you if you attempt to tell the teacher

anything that we say

oh, what joy there could be if the world were not already

so watered from its uncontrollable weeping

and how so very blessed we would all feel

if racism were eternally sleeping...........

( written Dec.26,1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what the world would be like without hatred of any kind.

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