his name I can not quite readily say that at this

time I know

but his otherwise guarded smile for me he is quick

my way to sweetly throw

and I think of him as so

well reserved from the word GO

I easily seem to be able to make him laugh

where others some how can't

yet, still on the same note with the way I always


I bet he believes me to be daft

its part of my unfailing charm

you see, I tend to rant

his age, though its not in immediate question

is eleven years ahead of my own

the etiquette needed to explain how a girl is

supposed to speak to such a masterful man to my

unlimited knowledge is not yet known

so I continue to stumble about just a little while

longer in the dampened spirits of the dark

and dream of a real relationship with him in which

I'd soon like to see set spark

but until that so wished for moment comes

I'll just have to stick with my music, my books,

my friends and the writing of my poems.........

( written Dec. 20,1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have no idea whatsoever as to whom this poem is about. He could have not been that wonderful that I do not recall him at all now. He must have been one of a many passing crush that never amounted to anything concrete.

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