shadow so still

come and converse with me

I'm much too eclectic by many's standards

but I know when I like what I see

pure male strength in a tan buttoned down over coat

with a finely chiseled Olivier mouth just set so in a

practiced pose

below eyes so clear and blue yet solemn and remote

this character you seem to play ( portray)

is obviously not one in which you freely chose

from your lofty, lordly lips Shakespearian sonnets

form in over romantic prose

still, you choose not to abandon your self appointed post

you simply instead stare back at me blatantly like some

disgruntled, intolerable ghost

a misplaced memory from someone's past yet indubitably

not mine

I'm quite sure I would recall such a man so formidable

yet so very fine

a lord to a land that has long since been dissolved

yet, now you are merely a problem in my head

that has gone too long unresolved

I approach your guarded grounds with a cool

'Why, hello stranger!'

on my limp and leery lips

but in the face of something precious and so important

the phrase over my own tongue trips

so, I pass by like any other free and faceless female

and curse my cowardice for not having the inner strength to prevail ..........

( written Dec.17,1992 pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sounds like some fantasy poem I wrote after seeing someone or passing by them but never speaking to them.

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