it was the coldest night of my entire life

I mean really

the weather though wasn't the deciding factor

it was the hard city's people

Oh Philly!

why did I have to break down here

in such a dark, dreary and dangerous place

where even God himself wouldn't venture into without

a large can of mace

I felt my heart beat loudly within my young chicken's chest

the entire terrible time

like it was just waiting to go into cardiac arrest

when the lateness of the hour produced the streets'

night shift slime

'Hey Laaaady ----------you gotta quarter?' I heard

ten times more than merely just once

and in the unseen doorways of the back alleys I could

hear fist fighting along with  faint dissatisfied

male grunts

could somebody actually be getting murdered that very

moment as I quietly walked

at the very thought of such utter human indifference to

the preciousness of life I mentally balked

while wondering is the gas station far from here or is

it closer back the opposite way

what will I do should some seedy character attempt

to approach me what will I say?

Jean-Claude Van Dame is my brother so you would be

wise to leave me a long time alone

for you see it amuses him greatly to tear a man apart

bone from bloody bone

do you believe I would be permitted to pass if I put on

such suggested airs

or would my false bravado create an audience of many

incredulous stares

why is the word 'safe' the hardest of all to relate to

at this very instant as I spring spryly down the sidewalk

much too shadowed and scary

there must be at least one gas station open that's

even remotely close by

so I must try not to terry

of the questionable gentleman up ahead on the opposite

side of the block I am truly indeed quite wary

he possesses the eyes of a criminal and the arms of a

prize fighter

my heart palpitates faster as my chest gets tighter

by now, I know I'm a goner

in my fear, blinders somehow grew out from the left

side of my head

I, in turn tripped over a sign and can you guess

what it said?


then I slowly exhaled

oh lord, its about bloody time!!!!!!!

(written Dec.17,1992 am)

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