singularly sexy with that constant twinkle in his eye

not even one insignificant secret from his practiced lips

could you soon pry

the truth to my hidden feelings trembles a hair's breath

from my incessant chatter

and I grow just a little more nervous as I'm caught yet

again in my own corporate clatter

what does this majestic man see when he chooses to look

at me

besides a much too tall, funny girl

with an over worked sense of humor and a bad right knee

I'm so awed by his easy smile that my own lips lock into a

silly sappy grin

why, if he asked, Come shoot yourself in the foot for

my amusement, I'd likely say when?

why do I feel this way about men I know will never be


and why for their unavailable affections do I always

so sorely pine

am I some sort of masochist with an emotional death wish

tucked some where away

and in this matter of sickening self torture do I have

anything if nothing to say

the very fact that this humble god knows my name

just blows me away

oh if only I could contact the piper I would pay the price

of any tune he cared to play..........

(written Dec.14,1992 555am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for a male customer I had the biggest crush on at work named Brian Luick.

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