what a voice

what a soul

a fiery intellect

to shameless brown skin


that she was

the world lost

a most lovely

lyrical orator


though her melodies

forever remain


in the ears of

we who care to listen

a taste of what should be

she did bestow

'Beautiful, Mighty Odetta'

what treasures of song

you so generously bequeathed

to the hungry human ear

to those of us at the far, far below

we of the strapped earth

all misguided children

throughout one tragedy

or another

reaching for our own

for we know not what

so thank you

so beloved songstress

for all your selfless gifts

you left laying behind

the smile of your voice

shall live long in our hearts.......................

(Dec. 4, 2008 235am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this after watching a repeat airing of the Tavis Smiley show where back in January of this year he had on 77 year old folk singer Odetta. Hearing of her death and hearing some of her musical performances from years past inspired this piece of admiration from me.

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