battle scars tip-toe up and down a heart that has all

too quickly grown cold

and not from the chill in the night's air my curious

friend but from the deep fear of growing old

in my most private thoughts upon a desperate medium I do

so feverishly try to hold

as if the very attempt of and in itself could somehow

bolster my flailing ego into confessing what needs to

be told

though no actual illness is consciously confessed

I'm certain what plagues me by at least one other person

has already been guessed

symbolic to that of say standing dead and naked before

the alive and dressed

I speak only now but in the rawest tones over matters

gone too long repressed

do you somehow follow my tainted trail of thought

thrown over thinking

and am I only to be saved just at the last moment as

I am surely sinking

and if this is indeed so I simply ask then please

give me just cause

to stop this embarrassing madness and disguise the

remainder of all my many flaws.........

( written April 4, 1993 )

Author's Notes/Comments: 

working through some stuff using my poetic self therapy.

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