beads of desire, chains of sweat

the necklace of reckoning has finally been set

I've turned in the corner and preceded my pride

for running away from reality leaves one's path

way wide

solutions fall prey to others of the uninvolved


who but apology knows how to say I'm sorry I made the

wrong decision

know that if I had the means at my immediate disposal

I'd take everything said

back with little pause or proposal

I'd put into motion a magnificent plan that this time

would be straight

carry crooked intention to the edge of the brink

and make it meet its inevitable fate

once more the will of the dormant beast has made

itself known

the seed of undeniable doubt can't be easily dispersed of

once it has been sewn

at least I can say that my heart was not broken and

my feelings left relatively unharmed

life will be so much easier to live now that

'Doubt's Dire Dread' has been successfully disarmed....

( written May 23, 1992)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some conquering of an inner demon of mine at the time.

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