when he came in tonight

all breath left my body

and I nearly fainted

all I could think

was if I were an artist

his face couldn't have been made more perfect

If I myself had had it painted

there's no need to trouble your soul over me

for I've been to the circus before and seen the

grand finale'

at the end of the show

its always better to leave them laughing

even with a slightly broken heart

than with nothing at all before you go

but looking closely now into the lovely blue tinted

mirrors of his still so pure soul

makes me wonder if that really is so

love on the jagged rocks gets pounded repeatedly

by much too many misunderstanding waves

no one has yet found true reasons why misunderstanding

towards such obviously injured love so badly behaves

to each particular party involved I wonder if this very

same thought they think

or do they already know

I feel that without all the pleasurable possibilities

and pain found in uncovered heartache

one can never fully as a person expect to grow

there is so much love and life left in me to further

fathom and explore

with so many opportunities over flowing from my

tightly clenched fists I find its harder to swim

my mind and heart to the safety of the shore

five experience filled years becomes shorter in gap

as the months burn slowly by

making me more and more realize that the boy I once

so carefully eyed has grown to be quite an astute

and handsome guy

so much in him still seems to reach out to so much

in me

take with you my shoes

slip them on then I think you too would read my heart

the same right down to its ending T

'Beautiful Male' was one of the first few but I do

indeed doubt that this will be the last

he has stole up on my sweet unsuspecting heart

too quietly and strong to resurrect any bitter feelings

of our recent past

we have something genuine here he has so much left to give

and still more to conquer within

with a mind that's so focused and clear

maybe this throwing of these two well matched minds together

won't make us an ideal couple but possibly

a more compatible pair

now that forms a certain hope in my misaligned

mind that we may just be getting our hearts together

someway somewhere...................

(written April 2, 1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

seeing beautiful Bobby Rhymer again after such a long time and still feeling that old pull and feeling like he felt it too. Was a lovely painful hell to go through, but I couldn't doubt the feelings I had had for him.

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