I'd hate to disappoint myself

or anyone for that matter

with my school girl gibberish

but no more for cold compliments

do I wish ever again to fish

acceptance stands at full attention

in the for thought of my boisterously

busy brain

I rarely have to work too hard

for this level of conscientious

I feel I must obtain

but from these words and practiced pages

I can not long sustain

sometimes my attempts are nearly unreadable

but never left alone or felt to be in vain

I suppose it would be wise to question whether

or not I am indeed more serious than sane

but should I boldly decide to delve too deep

beneath the surface I may disturb the creative

core and my originality could start to wane

that is a most scary and unwelcome thought

so myself and a way out of this slightly strange

situation my ambition I have just about bought.....

( written Feb 10,1992 am)

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