without preamble

his heart to any just cause

he will fully deliver

pain is a welcome addition

to his strength

for he is truly

an aching giver

he consoles his purpose

by never forgetting his place

he knows not the rules

but still so argues his race

how can one be so carelessly forgetful

when it comes to the shortness of love's

sweet chase

and to think many thought quite a number of

years ago that I was going to turn out to be

quite a hard case

settle back now and relax

for its to be awhile before my remarks

begin to level and touch bench or base

he will if you let him

toy with your unasked for deep affection

but only a dime's worth of joy does he

deal you in his deep and almost desperate


he misses every possible point yet manages

to appear the absolute epitome of perfection

he claims to know the course of his lifetime

but has no real sense of any immediate direction

against his velvet steel will we have yet to come

up with a means of protection

he can probe memories of many at once

section by secret sweet section

he aches to please you and gives openly his

every thing until he himself aches

he plays around with much of the high praise

he receives yet pays dearly for it with one of many

of his repeated mistakes

when I think of this kind yet forgetful bighearted

oaf how my insides start to stiffen and shake

you have to love him not so much for himself

but more so for your own unfortunately fortunate


so much due to so little remains on alert and at

explainable stake

for you see

its hard to see the real thing for the shadow of

its very own fake.............

( written Feb 10,1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

someone confused in love and in lover's games.

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