PIECES OF DEATH (about Jeffrey Dahmer)


I was never told just who would die

and I never dared even once to ask why

they volunteered very little pertaining to the facts

though I still concluded that the man who did this

must have been madder than Mad Max

I didn't believe up until now that killers didn't

still kill with a mallet or ax

such acts of heinous crimes makes him indeed an

entirely different ball of wax

it said so many body parts strewn about the place

that they had to carry them out in plastic sacks

that's quite a punch to the stomach that publicity


how could such a seemingly normal man have fallen

so  far down between the cracks

millions shockingly read the story the first day it


to think this creature did this for years and no one

suspected a thing

what a horribly sick joke

he actually stewed some of their heads and ate

their flesh

as I heard this all I could think was that he

kind of reminded me of that TV reporter John Tesh

his actions fascinated me even as they made me so

very sick

at least to his horrific stories he continues to


all those bereft families

I can't even begin to fathom their pain

I know they would be quite outraged should

they read this

but surely it is quite obvious that the man

is beyond being merely insane..............

( written Feb 7,1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my reaction when I first heard the story break about serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer.

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