Do I feel fine?

ask me again tomorrow

and I'll be sure to give you my say

perhaps my remark could be taken as

being out of line

should I offer up my humility to you then

on a silver tray

everyone expects a person these days to act

a certain way

like they own the essence of the night

but still side with the day

some realize a little too late that its

not right that there is only one world

for which we pray

and what happens to its inhabitants

when its mass body we rape and slay

but you know with the kind of mouth I have

on me I'll be sure to get in my full

objective say

how many of our children will one day soon for

all our greed and ignorance have to put up and pay

makes a small tear blot the eyes

when you think of words to that old song

'There Has To Be A Better Way'

man is cruelest to those he loves most and

by our present and passed actions this theory

we are quick to display

now, ask me if I am fine again

and I'll reply hardly

since I know all that I know now but at least

I can safely say

I'll be okay............................

( written Feb 6,1992 pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about my not much liking the path man is on.

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