I tend to not stray too far from just who it is

I am

even when shards of discomfort stab their crooked

edges into my already bleeding heart

I attempt to stave the flow that oozes from my age

old dam

bleeding its darkness and death into the quiet waves

of my brain slowly taking my logic apart

such reluctant participation can work on a person

like many mind altering drugs

in my sensitive subconscious

fresh thoughts get  pelted with unrestrainable

desensitizing slugs

I have a very masterfully controlled mind

this is my only way to let some of the control slip

I am merely a mental traveler

the mind is my ocean

its thoughts my ship

sometimes I see no end to such trip

journey's made too short

I catch only in rough quick clips

so much for so little I seem to continuously

take in

living only to lose yet dying to win

I stop short of emotional murder again and again

looking forward constantly to where I'd one day like

to be while trying to forget where I've been

one too many times I've challenged my reasoning

lurking behind this impatient pen

and as I fell to the ground from the tree


I found myself to be in like FLYNN............

( written Feb 6,1992 am)

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