your love is like a form of luggage

but for my needs its simply too blue

you can't see your true self through the obstruction

of your pride unless you look at me through you

you defend not what it is I see

and I see not what it is that you defend

you recognize not me as me

but shadows of the past that continue on in my place

to pretend

in my mind such mass force of unknown unfairness

still continues to burn

and everyone knows that where there is danger

there is doubtless concern

I am a female of extremely high spirits and many

natural aptitudes

the way to appeal yourself to me is through means of

intelligent banter that your magnificent mind

and un mappable sensuality seemingly exudes

I see traces of ancient working chivalry in my

loose hipped stance

hands go to temples trying to evade the 'come on'

of a self induced trance

I am terribly baffled like a swoonable female

standing in the clash of two opposing compliments

almost frightened by the very idea to which this

thin threaded theory hints

I find my action in a bloodless state of blame

knowing full well I could easily win if I only

could figure out the rules of this gripping game

I am alas able to hear the wounded cry of my

deep seated inner need

I have learned a lasting lesson

perhaps that is the planting of the seed

which has placed my feet in the proper direction

giving my life a brand new lead..............

(written Feb 11, 1992 am)

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