yes, I can honestly say I've loved a hand full out of

a few

but what you didn't know is I stopped crying on the

inside the day I met you

I've always felt wondrous and fanciful feelings

but kept the most precious

deep and free out of fear of exposure through improper

means of concealing

I am fully human

when I hurt and in one form or another I tend to bruise

and or bleed

but not every human gets the privilege to say

she's walked side by side with 'one of the lovelier


you see this, I have indeed done

I am truly the luckiest one

for I now carry with me the greatest gift

his son


not fear or hate

but a stimulation to the mind that goes far beyond

any perception of what's considered great

this lofty knowledge I sense was meant for me as some

form of key or fate

what I must do with it has to be now

I can not allow myself to wait

my present ignorance I must resolve along with my

rapacious hunger for understanding I'll work to sate

in this 'must do' mental plain

there can be no room for flamboyant debate

I've found my key to my fast approaching future

now I only need to locate the appropriate gate

I'm not worried though cause for every key

a lock can be found to be its mate...........

(written Feb 1,1992 am)

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