compliments like cheap chocolate

leave a bad taste on even the least tentative tongue

for just a small offering of an honest opinion

I'd give one and or either a life giving lung

too much stock put into one's self can formulate a

terrific case of stiff neck syndrome

over the petted and pampered Hollywood types

surely this concept derives from

can you not forget my much too noticeable name and

just label me as 'friend'

does not every branch know its not supposed to break

but only bend

does not the sins of war eventually get cast to the

ground of all man's feet

and in the middle of such confusion and crisis

mere mortal men manage to come together and half way


I have yet had to dismember my soul in my search for

its crucial missing pieces

if one can not recognize and iron out the small wrongs

then he won't long be able to retain his uncontrollable

emotional creases

fragments of my many miss filtered faults

permeate my reasoning as they attempt to take over

and rethink my thoughts

inadvertence is an unlikely risk only out for the take

sometimes this black feeling of not truly belonging

to this deep part of my soul

is the hardest of all to shake

for so little, so much is at stake

I pray for self release

but there is nothing around me to pick up or break

you must not judge me too harshly on my self crippling

and less than lovely scrawls

but as I am about to turn yet another unexpected corner

in this maze of furthering myself

my ears flatten as I strain to hear what exactly to me

this paramount page calls................

(written Feb 1,1992 am)

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