in the coldest of all imaginable winters

he'll wear jeans with holes worn clear through the knee

and he has the audacity to call me crazy

he says I'm weird because I write all my most important

thoughts in the ink of the bluest of blues

well for you sir, I have some none too late breaking


I know how to play many games but rarely do I fail

through means of default or let myself lose

I could verbally take your head off now if I indeed

did so choose

I am just what you see

I hold no council with nor see any need for use of


I have a strong attachment to humorous Irony and with

it myself I only attempt to amuse

I don't expect anything from anyone

nor their actions do I question nor accuse

why it is people do what they do

leaves very little room for speculation

and even less for too few clues

but for any aside behavioral disclosure on my behalf

my action I ask you to try to kindly excuse..........

( written Jan 30,1992 am)

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