with a heart of steel and stone

which is the prerequisite for any

consummate crime committer

his true madman intentions today

will forever remain unknown

he moved as efficiently and as silent as a

master of mime

his intended purpose was maybe to show the crowd

that he could indeed be a real head splitter

how could we forget such a distraught time

indeed the death of a great figure of state

is senseless as well as so very bitter

does it seem fair a man had to brutally die simply

because he wasn't a quitter

before any answers could be brought out in the open

and aired

we killed off the most important questions and many

broken hearts were never allowed the curtesy of being


we want and wanted to understand

maybe figure out a way to place the gun in the

murdered's  hand

what can she be thinking now since nearly thirty years

of tears and turmoil have slowly jogged by

how many times has she stopped to simply wonder


one of our country's gretest leaders

but it was her husband, her lover who had to take

those shells in the head and publicly die

out of all that's been written and said

no one even once bothered to answer just exactly why

if we had really listened and not tried so hard to

misdirect the plain and perfect truth

perhaps our personal history would galvanize into

tomorrow that of only the good found in today's youth

we and they must learn to strive for a better and

sturdier today

and see for ourselves that when we lie or omit the

facts one day our short sightedness will stand up

by itself to get in our eventual way

the truth when its buried alive does manage to arise

and come back to haunt you

that's why I expose this choppy tail of said to be

history to make an exampling of one man's actions as

the front for a very grave and unforgotten issue

never before has such a word been abused as the trite

term TRUE....................

(written Jan 28,1992 am)

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