late in the evening fast while I'm sleeping

into my psyche my subconscious starts poking

and peeping

what it does while diligently on the prowl

I'm not so very sure

perhaps new and unexpected thoughts

it locates to develop into a poetic form

so positively pure

I happily chain myself to this unexplainable need

just recently acquired

I write to fill a void and to conquer a part of me

I've long since admired

I feel the world would be a much better place

if more poets stepped forward and got involved

Important questions would not only get asked

but answered and problems would not only be whined

about but in the end just as suddenly resolved

crime would not be allowed to prevail

and the good guy would never have to give his life

for a good cause only to then have it fail

sometimes these words come so easy to me that it

almost doesn't feel right

what practically tracks me down wherever I go from

another it hides itself in plain sight

and that person loses a valued piece of dignity

he feels worthless and maybe a little inferior

to me

not me personally but society on the whole

he may never lose sight of his presumed role

I say always stay true to yourself and keep a hold

on your head

because I sincerely believe that for every good guy

out there on the street at least four bad guys will

wind up dead

maybe this is not my peddle to push

but everyone needs a little help

every now and again concerning watching his tush....

(written Jan 27,1992 am)

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