the desire to write

the desire to feel

the desire to read into

what really is real

the walk alone we each choose to take

can be a blessed event or

a serious mistake

I've been many places but none so bewitching

as the magnetic path in the mind

thoughts of great and lesser universal forms

aid me in my wish to unwind

I'm caught between what it is I want to be and

who I actually am

when one door to a new possibility opens behind

me another chooses to slam

and in the search for my other better self

I stumble upon a tragic philosophy

maybe I'll never find what I'm looking for

which is the best of me

the most common question in self analysis is

what will I come to be

I have a good idea of what that is, with this

pen in hand and writing

book open upon my knee

I've waited out my desperate desires for so long

that I refuse to believe they'll one day whither

up and die

there are many forms of greeting but poetry for me

says hello as well as goodbye..............

(written Jan 27, 1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

pretty deep and self insightful.

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