a real head turner that's what all the men call that

loathe some gal

but I'd call her something entirely different

an overbearing back stabbing duplicitous cow

for she could never recognize the truth as it stands

alone now

her scruples are completely questionable

her morals tainted and quite foul

can he not see her for what she really is

a woman so caught up in herself and her endless

possibilities that she'd never be content to simply

be his

but then again maybe ignorance is indeed a predictable

form of bliss

mutual attraction is always bitter sweet more so from

the first than the last final kiss

her name will soon fall from his memory and no longer

tremble upon his lonely lips

and her tentative touch will be lost for all time to

the sense of his oh so sensitive fingertips

as she walks farther and farther out of the realm

of his basis for reality

he will quickly come to learn he never really needed

her more

so the woman he wished her to be

which is a loving warm female needing him in turn

more so than the feeling that she is wild and free....

( written Jan 27,1992 am)

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