joy must then be like freedom

such as to carelessly shout

though I've never seen such need to use such ploy

for even now as I knock to enter

all I really want is to be let out

there is no stopping the flood of cold emptiness

into the soul should it choose to enter

yet out of my for thought I am able to grasp hold of

and withdraw a tiny painful splinter

drawing my soul out of its newly released deep freeze

while simultaneously shutting my feeling of disquiet

and conflict up for the winter

Lord help me for right now would be so blessed

the sending of such said storm

taking me out of my unfashionable dilemma that's all

too intense and keeping me from further being torn

with just one more chance placed politely in my pocket

my self esteem I readjust and carefully adorn

and I personally promise God and myself that I will

never again doubt the question as to why I was born

for we have a contract

a written agreement

that was delivered signed and sworn..........

(written Jan 26,1992 am).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

contemplating our soul's contract with God.

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