the two of you are really one

one being the moon while the other is the sun

one carries the Bible while the other a loaded gun

one bows in respect of the Pope

the other would murder a Jew or a black nun

I'd cross the line of the law to be only yours

only to have you leave my bed unbeknownst to me to

lie with common whores

I'd shy away from the truth only to have you

shove it in my face

you're corrupt and completely uncouth

yet you say there can only be one superior race

as you scream this

tears run raw down my ragged face

so much action has taken place

yet still I don't see the real chase

he says 'racism' is not the word to use

'lessers' just use it as an excuse

'unwanteds' is what all of them are

impurity in society that should be shipped

off to a modern day Auschwitz in a paneled rail car

at this repulsive remark a part of me catches fire

and dies

he has alas let me see what these last months

he hides

like a cold and calculating murderer his time he

carefully bides

as we argue his opinion with mine collides

I leave him with only his hatred's blood on his hands

and its presence he denies

the only satisfaction I'll obtain is in the knowing

he'll have nothing left when on his hands

all of it darkens and dries

in the back of my mind I can almost hear his desperate

undeserving cries

but I ignore them as I live through another night

at peace

to watch the sun again happily arise............

(written Jan 24, 1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by a movie with Tom Berrenger and Debra Winger ( for the moment I'm forgetting the title) but its about where he is a secret member of the K.K.K. It was such a good movie that I wrote this through the eyes of Debra Winger's character.

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