I'll love you always or until you say no

I'll hold you close or until you decide to let me go

I'll be solely your friend when that is all that is needed

I'd give you anything even my life if for it you pleaded

you're excentric to the absolute hilt

you positively excel under grim and horrific circumstances

yet you feel no pang of remorse or guilt when you kill

even now my emotions in your favor seem to lose their

balance and tilt

why is it I can handle a man who's possessed and

obsessed but never one who's self built

this picture of my character's substance holds

strong resemblance of some one weaker than weak

in me there must be a masochist's streak

how did a personality once so lively become so docile

and meek

long ago I fell in love only to come out of it

abruptly looking like that of a sideshow freak......

( written Jan 24, 1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

have no idea who, if anyone I know , that I am referring to.

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