such an austere look of complete sadness

falls upon me from so far across the way

I am sure I look quite dumbfounded

what does that look expect me to say

knowing what I know without his knowing I'm not so

sure if here I should stay

it wouldn't be fair

this must be some stirred up storm in love's sweet


before I get in over my much too transfixed head

over my being a hopeless coward

never let it be too loudly said

there's something not quite tangible yet as to why

I'm so strongly attracted to this stormy eyed

balding calm man

in my eyes I'm almost certain he can read my

profitable sin

in this game of all knowing eye contact we battle

knowing both of us will more than likely win

not just once but again and yet again

more or less

wait, he just glanced away

I'm starting to like this game now less and less

I must come up to confess

please turn back and beg me with those sweet, special

eyes to stay

he just turned and looked back

the man is a mind reader I must be too

for in his eyes I read do you want me because my dear

I most certainly want you

my lids jumped out of the way and I fairly screamed

a loud yes

love can be such a gamble but often its just a guess

he then gets up

strolls over to my table and asks in a deep and self

assured voice would you care for a dance

I say of course ( as if I had a choice)

my true life started at that very moment

with that most magnificent man with whom I fell in

love with from just one glance............

( written Jan 24,1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

from a guy in a bar asking me to dance years ago. I don't even really recall his face let alone his name.

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