there's a world of difference between sinners and


they're not as easy to spot like chasers and runners

chasers are always after some tangible thing

just one inch out of their immediate sight

while runners run from chasers along with themselves

and other scarier things that go bump in the night

there in lay the idea of freedom through death

and death from fright

my angle on this concept I admit isn't so tight

the me I've tried to cultivate myself to be

see's what I do as a form of easy exit to escapism

through lighthearted reverie

you'll find me on any given dreary day in the quietest

corner of the dining alcove

all alone with myself but for the lovely ideas I just

hand picked and romantically wove

so far, no crisis in my sentimental solitude has yet


subjects are vast and can so often vary

I simply have to pin point the direction in which it

takes route and goes

even when I feel disgruntled by feelings of temporary

loss and emotional displacement

I know within whatever direction my hopeful heart

leads me I must follow for thoughts and eventual

actions are forever destined to be adjacent

this is the one weapon I use tirelessly to fight the suffocating imbalance within

the deep distrust of certain aspects of my darker side

forces my hand to take up this pen

you must forgive me for my quick and angry impatience

my scrawlings are my only mental outlet and without

them I would become much too serious and too terribly


I write solely for my own pleasure yet fully at my

grittier side's expense

still, I tend to find many things that make others


make me uneasy and sometimes wince............

( written Dec 16,1991 am)

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