does the broken arrow sustain the sorrow found in a

broken heart

by piercing the skin of thought

consciousness precludes any question from every point

in which we choose to start

why in myself as I come to this great ponder do I slowly

fall apart

I know the connection of such images takes no more than

a minimal need to be smart

yet a cry from within can banish the progress of the

soul to only God knows where

and for how long has nothing to do with the concept of

whats fair

so with our own special abilities we gamble on any

likely foolish dare

to the human flair for challenge there is nothing

equal it in which to compare

the great need to prove one's self is thought to be

man's greatest asset

along side his ability to play the unknowing player

no matter how unworthy the eventual cost

we as one give up our all for the pleasure of saying

we won even when in reality we really lost

dignity means everything only to he who loses

but nothing to the upperhand across the table who


but let the situations be reversed and you will see

the better fall far short of the very worst

you will learn soon enough that war to man is merely

a harsh form of a lesson he to himself must be taught

that is the simplest way to explain the basics to

why all wars past and present were fought

so all of us at one time in our lives will have to ask

ourselves will it all be over when every living soul

is gone and there for forgot

in my heart's hot little soul I feel obliged to

scream I think not!!!!!!!!!!!...............

( written Dec 9,1991 am)

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