I was just recently informed that I underestimate my

own personal appeal

If I had been notably warned then maybe now I could

recognize the difference between what is and is not real

some wounds I do so believe in my very core were never

meant to heal

such wounds dealing with such a strongly tender organ

we do so fret as we feel

I shroud myself to protect what is so fragile within

I uncloak small glimpses of my sleepy soul with the aid

of the gentlest and most understanding pen

still a love so lonely and yet unborn  

yearns for a mate to hurry its inevitable release

what I work so hard to possess and perfect rarely if

ever gives me even a remote moment of peace

this craft I so carefully cradle yet crudely caress

gives background to the bravery I must put forth

against subjects I am asked to address

I make way through a world so cruel, cold and bare

In my on going quest to find kind spirited souls

beneath bodies of strangers for which I could come

to easily care

I know I am mistaken when they glance back and blankly


just as I know I am indeed 'lucky' alas when their

beauty within with me they attempt to share

these lonesome travels I make are worth much more

than any possible request of in transient fair

for you see, even when I journey out cold and alone

I return not as just one but part of a pair

and not just one pair  

sometimes but many pairs

for you see, he who truly cares enough to write

deeply cares...............

(written Nov 25, 1991 pm)

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