down the path of before driven nocturnal

I have let myself be foolishly lead

if I had known then what I do now

without preamble from myself

I surely would have fled

but how can one hear something in one's heart

that's never strength to be said

surely the soul can't feel sorrow

when the sensibilities have been abruptly bled

moving so fast through life

harsher lesson winds have cleverly in the right

direction managed to turn my head

leaving me feeling truly blessed for having not been

emotionally marred or dead

so much of myself I have left behind on the page

to be carelessly read

I've always ended up answering for though

whatever it is I've done in the past or said

from a stone fool surely I have not been bred

yet its my own eventual outburst and range that I

dare say I dread

my character faults of a modern day poetic tyrant

I do not wish to provoke

for on many of my hate filled self blows I have

the tendency to choke

I shutter to wonder if to another time and or place

I could have been cut down to be made to fit and


leaving me now to sound incomplete like words sung

without the warm embrace of their sweetly remembered


perhaps that is where what was once so right

went so wrong

the remembered and rightful essence of my deep

inner self

for that I truly long...................

( written Nov 19,1991 am)

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