all of this I assure you dear friends I say not in jest

I present to you the Woody I now and knew with permission

and by request

I know we should now let go of him so he can make that

long journey alone to reach his final place of rest

but its always hardest having to say goodbye to one of

the absolute best

he's a lovable butterball of a man by nature

but for his own good he's much too sweet

knowing him in even such a small way as I did has been

for me a pleasure, an adventure and indeed a personal


men like him women like me do not often enough get the

chance to meet

not only does he give so much of his love through

moral support but one finds security in the warmth

of his hugs and comfort in his burly body's heat

I'll meet no other like this man ever again

no one to make me laugh and loves so hard

nor another mirrored soul to get under my now

tear soaked skin

even though he and I never ever once touched lips

and kissed

you have to know Harold Ellwood Deem you will

always sadly be missed

hunya hunya to you too turtle...........

( written Nov. 20, 1991 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My friend Woody Deem's  eulogy just like he asked me to write it even though he hadn't died!

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