Miss Emily Wind is to match making

what Miss Jane Marple was to mystery

mind you though I'm not anywhere near that

to any Agatha Christi

but I can tell you this

she, you will one day just likely might like to kiss

sure, she will be all to happy to rapt you with her

sharp cane like wit

should you ever attempt to stand against where ever she

feels that you should sit

but to take even a grain of her infrequent solicited


I've heard its been said she could and can be about it

quite nice

the end results indeed most rewarding

the final prize of 'True Love' something well worth


she almost seems to have an inspired knack

for cutting those entangled within unforseen love

very little slack

a truly good woman it has been said

that that is indeed she

while someday not too soon I too will be forced

(I fear) to somehow agree...............

( written May 20, 1993 am)

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