what if I did?

sounds so very guilty

when one lets it ring in one's hindered head

like the very sight of truth is something unflattering

and filthy

just as one tries to walk blithely in another man's stead

no man's land is a whole lot closer than you might be

willing to think

levels of the mental plane shift shyly in surrender on

the edge of 'Misfit's Brink'

innocence often sleeps in an empty room at the end of the hall

while hope on the other hand we should never let far

from our fingertips fall

what if I jumped up only to miss my creative call

will another ever come around to point out what I not

once before saw

or will I likely be left in the dark alone, full of


scaring myself half silly sometimes as my inked

thoughts freshly wet the page..............

( written Dec.19,1992 am)

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