Neanderthal Stranger so handsome yet aloof

when you smiled at me I felt my self esteem dance up the

wall and on to the roof

unmarried you are you are

you were so quick to attest

with promiseful eyes like that

few women will rest

with your gentle aura of sweet and sexy bad boy ways

my vision staked its own crimminal claim

what fun we could have just you and I alone playing

a favored flirtatious game

a year you say it has been but I say not another year


why is it that lust gives men strength

yet it just makes women stronger

hunger and heat fill my earnest eyes as you breeze happily out the door

our encounter isn't over just yet 'cause I know you'll

be back indeed for more

so I can lingeringly hope and breath shallow breaths

as I wait

that heaven forbid you'll be back and this ache you soon will sate...................

( written May 22, 1992 am)

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