he wants me to express

my deepest desires for him

most creatively upon the page

he does not yet realize though

how such cost to me in the end

would so unforgivingly wage

he knows all too well the exact


of my full mental gage

yet still

he would have me

lay prone like a fool

to such claim

by mere lack of my age

for you see

he is secretly much too

indifferent to the play of

our game

where as I am the intensity's rage

the raw markings of my youth

likely to tantalize the calmness

of his marvelous rule

though I am quite certain that at

times he wishes he could indeed be

more controlling, overbearing and cruel

so to better teach me how to accurately

read all his steamy looks and blushing


through his own carefully taught clever

decipher age of but one single page

starting of course

with his indescibable while insatiable

lust for me and at such an early stage

my thumping answer to his proposal of course

would be to shake him right out of his very


and in the end

make him have to beg me for days

only then would I give in

under the impression

that we both could surely win

how else can love play her one final

trump card


in a relationship that constantly


(April 23, 1998)

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