Darin, darling doubtless Darin
who's heart are you up about now and tearin'
to you, once my love, there is no comparin'
your shallow lighthearted way of life I won't
be sharin'
men can sometimes be so deliberately obtuse
indifference hurts
it has no other more genuine use
I was in love with you once
you couldn't see it
maybe what I felt was simply just physical
but 'it' couldn't have been just that
it felt so right but for lovey heart me that's
quite typical
I still cry every once in awhile
your familiar scent waifs over me at the best
and worst of times
there must be some sort of punishment metered
out for just such these acts of heinous crimes
why can't the once so injured heart carry on and
in the softest part of my soul I want to let go
but another proud part of me says no
not just yet
In two, I'm still being torn
with a strong ability to hurt we are all born
if he ever reads this will he ever feel anything
for me but scorn
my hardhearted outer shell I have just now
not so cleverly shorn
he can be so very warm when he is warm
but he can be solid ice when he is cold
rejection carries with it a huge double bladed
the french are famous for saying though
Ce la Vie
such is life......
(written June 19, 1991)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about Darin Shaw an early big love in my life.

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