her eyes

they speak hard volumes

as they open quite blue and wide

peering at the world just past a merry

yet yellow sun

her voice like rampant poison

leashed on the blood is a warning guide

to the insincere tales she has so perfectly


one will not likely soon recover

if the bleach blond headed she sets

to the what there ever

for as always the purest excitement is found

fluttering strongest in the latest try

for indeed that matter of sheer opportunity

alone is not half so taken as it is sly

there is love yet there are still even more

conquests to be made

so such divine day should not be allowed

to fall to the side of the wasted

to promiscuity a brief yet final goodbye

she has solemnly bade

as her internal sights to the all mighty

green backed dollar she has pasted

but still all in all

a tart is a tart

with or without the tawdry clothing........

(March 31, 1994 pm)

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