flush with the rush
of something sultry
my mind's eye slows
to peer a moment
or two longer
into the cocoon
of truly enjoyed intimacy
a lush, heated realm
surrounded by a
flurry of sensations
fenced in by billows of
fleshed friction
the tender throb of
racing hearts
behind stand still eyes
heat and expand
the closing in of
that ultra private capsule
such a warm, loving,
safe, tender and
mighty little world
that few
rarely more than two
in a blind voluptuous need
of flesh melding into flesh
finally get to lap, drift,
envelope and absorb
into each other
without stress,
worry, doubt
or even the
full comprehension
that all this was designed
generations ago
in our
ancient ancestor's
to insure
the continuing survival
of our species
a splash of cold water
in the face
I dare say
of something that
has always seemed
far more enchanting
and intimately inspired
than the mere act
of producing future
in these Sultry Moments
the mere mention of
Darwin could only be
the salt peter of the evening..............
(Dec. 7, 2009 423pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

nice twist at the end I thought. This is not one of those typical half erotic/half romantic knock offs the twist gave it some bite or so I thought.

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