pensive is the moment's pause

a mid day gloom

more narrow than raw

the Judas field all a litter with literature

approaching topics that collide with life

butterflies weathered

storm stories upon their vibrant wings

remarkable catalyst

teach me about grace

and the surrender of such earth like things

too troubled to sound even like thunder

a deadly gray transfixed mine afternoon

full of heat and ineffective swampiness

I belabored mine eyes in the comfort

of a fake coldness

dreading the advent

another chapter amid such marshes

standing with the moon long before

loitering on about midnight

secrets southern

secrets sublime

transformed trees

the clutter of humanity


the natural way

my pen only scratches upon the myth

we frantically dabble in

called aptly enough


a curious virtue addicted to assumptions

and half truths

beware of false prophets


as no disgrace  

dare remark upon the validity of any legend

(written Aug 1,2006 pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was feeling quite old, other worldly and a tad pedantic when I penned this piece and I think it shows.

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