I have a good friend his name is Wren

we met one night playing pool in a bar

way back when

he bought me a few drinks and we talked

about everything

that was the start of a fantastic five year

friendship not a short romantic fling

he's a good ole boy and a gentleman in faded


he calls all the girls LADY and he knows what

the word means

if he really loves a woman he'll call her Darlin

when his old truck bomber won't run he kicks him

and starts swearin' and snarlin'

he speaks with a deep sexy southern drawl

he never plays games

if you phone him and he's home he'll always

take your call

I know I should have taken him more seriously

and picked up on his many a shy and subtle hint

but back then he was just a pal

and that was as far as it went

friendship sure can muddle up love

when you finally manage to set yourself straight

after all who really knows

maybe he and I weren't meant to be just friends

and this is some strange kind of lover's fate

now, on a scale of one to ten just where do you

think that would rate?............

(Feb 1,2001)

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