Nabbit and Bleat

never before had they themselves liked to repeat

so that day when they just so happened to meet

with Messy Moss and Scurrying Kit

as always they told only once their latest

silly tale about Mad Farmer Mitt

you see, he fell off his brand spanking new tractor

and landed smack dab in the middle of a puddle

made of thin red clay mud

so those two naughty bunnies known as Nabbit and

Bleat found it all so funny that they fell

giggling uncontrollably right down into a fresh

bail of nearby hay

with their pretty pink eyes all awash and a flood

now with their close pal Moss

being so very hard of hearing

asked in his tiny little bunny's tickle voice

'Come again Bleat?  for I heard hardly a full

word of what you say'

'Well, we as one' piped in Nabbit

'do not tell our entertaining little stories

over and over and yet over again! '

'for it makes us sound like parrots to ourselves

as well as everyone else' chimed in Bleat

'especially when we have to try with all our

might to recall all over again just what we

said and when'

'well my boys! I just so happen to have a

marvelous idea' came a gruff voice from the weeded

grass at the side of the road

it was tiny, little old Professor Fur sitting up

on a mushroom next to a very large and brown

grinning Toad

'Well see, I say my slick friend Toad here never

tires of mimicking everything that anyone has

to say and I'd bet if you told all your stories

to him first, that he would be most willing to

repeat them to anyone who wishes to hear them

over and over again on any given day!'

Nabbit and Bleat thought this a wonderful idea

after awhile

so before the wide grinning Toad together they

eagerly sat

and repeatedly ( though only just this once!)

they repeated themselves their funny bunny tales

to that brown Toad so stout and quite fat

so now, whenever anyone wants to hear their

marvelous stories yet once again

or someone like Moss happened to not hear all

of them

they just run to see Toad who is more than happy

their floppy little ears to bend.............

(March 23, 1994 am)

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