amid the rubble
I call my current life
I stand all a smile
as for what is true
I can endure most any strife
for you see
all that is of the greatest value
to me
this mess I'm going through
does not even begin to touch
you are safe
you are ever there for me
my timeless gem
tucked away from the eyes of the world
only mine to admire yet once again
for the circumstance I must endure
I can take the heat, the stress
and even then some more
for you are what awaits
the salvation my heart cries out for
the man I've seen in my mind's eye and
dreams too many times to count over
the years before
and that is enough for me to hold onto
for now
as of our days of cruel separation
such numbers are manageable
they wind down their count
to the low
the end of our wait begets the
beginning of our true lives
the mutually felt misery of
these slow emptied days
in  another 19 short sunrises
and sunsets
we shall overthrow
reveling in
'A Fresh Frank New Closeness'
all our own........................
(Aug. 10, 2010 1039pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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