she shall always be
our enemy
the good fight is a myth
there's just man with all his fears
shaking behind his machines of wrath
to conquer is human
and inhumane
depending on what wise man
here you choose to ask
we are living in a world of
fetid reclaim
what's mine becomes
the bloody property of another
but I shall fight to get it back
which is all so laughable
as everything belongs to God
man is but a sharecropper
from his early morning's birth
till his tired old sunset's death
ah, but while in his prime
he fights his own and others' desires
for more and more
to the very last breath
and sometimes
shamefully enough
'To The Death Of Nations'
in such frank admittance
some truths are not so beautiful
but ugly
and rotting away at the very heartbeat
of man's dignity
born in sin as he is
to live, love, thrive and fitfully die
thank you God that the reward exceeds
all the crazy earthly reasons
we are regularly given
on any typical day
as to why we are here.....................
(Aug. 9, 2010 1220pm )

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poem 'To My Muslim Brothers'

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