darken my door no more

'Foul Shadow'

graze your bruised soles never again upon my flag stone


for why do you do so, when you now know what I know

whisper not my name eerily but your own through out my quarters

in a voice that sadly shakes

murder that ear shattering moan that your immortal wounded soul's

sorrow makes

pass my worried way in the black made from the hooded halls

only once more and never attempt to return

go back to that fiery pit of deserved pulsating pain in which you

not more than six months ago was said to have died for good

and was left to burn

I can not forgive you for your selfish act since full

forgiveness comes from the Grace of GOD and you know

his, while alive you have to earn

why is it that only the dead figure this fact out

long after they have taken their quick and untimely turn...

(written July 6,1992 am)

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