sin and over battered infidelity at sorrow's

crippled hand

plague the persistent pursuer and for a hefty


the lack of love is put on a rusty stand

the argue of misinformed wills

takes her appointed place

for the repetitive crime

making all who are even if unknowingly involved

victims of the mentioned time

he caught up in his distance

she in her apparent denial

choose the supposed beauty of a family gathering

at Christmas to air the laundry of another day's


forgive me not so much for what I've done

but for all I had intended to do but never did

yet please let us not forget about our son

who can not seem to quite recall just what it

takes to be a kid

and the marriage goes on as the laughing

therapist/thief takes his cue

exiting this ugly scene that he at gun point

forced his way into

far better off in the end for being with the

hostages he had to endure

for a once thought completely loveless marriage

perhaps robbery is an untapped cure.............

(May 7,1994 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by the Christmas movie with Dennis Leary called The Ref..... was very funny.........

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