it matters not
that the world thinks I'm little attractive
my suit of flesh is durable
this face I wear
a genteel mask
of smiles
my love loves me and that is
the cradle of worth on which
I base all my necessary need for fact
physical beauty
to the masses
is not so all important
I am held in high esteem
by my highest one
and in his eyes
I am' Beauty's Own Beloved Blossom'
and in that knowledge I can
stitch an acceptable patch
of loveliness
with what he sees
over what the rest of the world
can not
there for
to he and me
I am as timeless
as I am lovely
which makes me
the best possible me
and I know it is love
that makes all of us
the loveliest of all creatures
at least for some particular
someone to see
there in flourish s my own
brand of beauty..................
(June 2, 2010 1042pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a mere passing conversation with a dear friend where they told me they thought I had an uncanny resemblance to singer Janice Joplin and I recalled how they told me months prior that they found her to be rather ugly in appearance and so my fragile sensitive ego picked up on that and for a moment I felt hurt. I wrote this poem out to make myself feel better and have since had a conversation with the person in question and they were horrified that I took it to mean they thought I was ugly when they said they never in a million years would have thought that. How so very fragile the human ego is. I am fine with their explanation and thankfully all is well now in the heart of Melissa.

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